Ruby Nguyen

Disease: Ringworm (scarp)

Type of micro-organism: Fungi

Image or diagram:

The skin of the person who have ringworm

Transmission of the disease: It can cause by touching infected people or contacting the items that infected people touching before.

Signs and symptoms: It begins as a small pimple and then becomes larger, it leaves scaly patches of temporary baldness. Infected hair will be easy to break off. Rounded areas of scaling and baldness.

Prevention and/or treatment:

Ringworm is difficult to prevent.
• Educate the public about the risk of Ringworm from infected persons
• Keep common-use areas clean
• Do not share clothing, towels, hair brushes, or other personal items.
• The person who has ringworm should minimize touching other people, not sharing their stuffs with other people to prevent spreading the disease.

• It can be treated by using with fungus-killing medicine. The medicine can be taken by mouth or applied directly to the infection skin.

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